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Virtual Museum

After the earthquake of autumn 1997, the Association of Volunteers of Pro Civitate Christiana felt the need not only to safeguard, but also to register the works of its art collection in order to make them available to their audience of scholars and the public audience.

At the end of the 1990s, with the "TECA" project, financed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, a complete photographic campaign was conducted over the more than 1000 works (painting, sculpture, graphics and applied arts) collected from 1942, thanks to the foresight of Don Giovanni Rossi who saw art as an effective tool of the social apostolate. The collection is unique, specificity in representing a wide range of sacred art after the Second World War through the perspective of Christological iconography and in particular, in harmony with the new social aspirations of the time, of the iconography of Jesus the Divine worker. The “Osservatorio” cultural heritage has been largely digitised thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, within the “TECA” project.

In 2021, the "TECA" project found a new direction in the Janus project, aimed at safeguarding digital archives and creating a new online portal for the free use of the works. Thinking of a dynamic interface capable of responding to the needs of both the simply curious and the sacred art researcher. Janus sets himself the goal of creating an almost experiential path within the various collections, ranging from the iconographic archives, to the Library and Gallery so that all the artistic and cultural assets of the Observatory are made available to users in a completely new way and with further level of detail.