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This site was created as part of the "JANUS" project, promoted by "Associazione Amici dell'Osservatorio della Pro Civitate Christiana ODV" and by Pro Civitate Christiana.

The project received the support of the Perugia Foundation, through the "Free requests" call with code 20351 (2021.0283) - Art, activities and cultural heritage.

Scientific Committee

  • Ivan Grossi (President of "Associazione Amici dell'Osservatorio della Pro Civitate Christiana ODV")
  • Claudia Spulcia (Vice-President of "Associazione Amici dell'Osservatorio della Pro Civitate Christiana ODV")
  • Anna Nabot (Volunteer of the Pro Civitate Christiana)
  • Maurizio Panella (Volunteer of the Pro Civitate Christiana)
  • Alessandro Bronzo (Project Management and Development)


We would like to thank the Cultural Resources Enhancement Office, Museums, Archives and Libraries Service of the Region of Umbria, for allowing us to use the texts in the Gallery's catalogue (the rights over these texts are owned by the aforementioned office). A special thanks goes to the manager, Dr. Antonella Pinna, for her kind availability.


The detailed descriptions and comments on some works are made by:
Michele Benucci [M.B.]
Valeria Cenci [V.C.]
Federico Li Gobbi [F.L.G.]
Francesco Santaniello [F.S. ]
Silvia Vacca [S.V.]
The acronym identifies the author and is found at the end of the comment.

The photos of the works were taken in 2003 by Roberto Vaccai and Mauro Scarpelloni as part of the TECA project.

The text and images with which the presentation of Georges Rouault's Miserere was created were taken from Tony Bernardini's volume "Un grido nella notte: tenebre e luce nel Miserere di Georges Rouault" 2013, Assisi, Cittadella editrice, pages 234, ISBN 978-88-308-1335-9 which can also be ordered via the website Text and images are properties of Cittadella Editrice who kindly made them available for the creation of this website. The photos used in Tony Bernardini's text are by Elio Ciol. Their use, as for the rest of the site, is prohibited for purposes other than educational and scientific ones.

The audio comments on the artworks were made as part of the "Assisi Contemporanea" project by Cosimo Calvelli (University of Pisa), whom we thank for having kindly made them available to this portal.

The vintage photos come from the Pro Civitate Christiana archives and are by unknown authors.

The catalogue cards were compiled within the TECA project.


The site was developed on the Drupal platform by Alessandro Bronzo (Alacer Sas).

The digital repository is based on the Archipelago platform.


All contents are published for purely scientific and educational purposes. Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, unless specifically authorized by the respective rights holders. For information, please contact the museum using the contact details provided on the contacts page .