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Dining and hospitality in Assisi


The Cittadella main bar is located just opposite the museum entrance, at the bottom of the stairs; it is also accessible via a street-side ramp.

The bar can serve hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks and ice cream.

The bar is mainly open at meal times; on special occasions/events these times may vary. To make up for the closing times, however, there are always vending machines for drinks and snacks.


On the -2 floor (reachable via the stairs or the lift) is the Cittadella restaurant.

The restaurant opens for lunch (1.00 pm) and dinner (8.00 pm in summer time and 7.45 pm in winter time).

The cuisine is simple and freshly made in our kitchens, inspired by Italian and Umbrian traditional recipes, with seasonal menus. On request, there is the possibility of adapting it to particular dietary needs.

Cittadella Hospitality

Opposite the museum entrance is the reception of Cittadella Ospitalità, a religious house of hospitality characterised by a simple and welcoming atmosphere.

Accomodations are available in two buildings: the first is a building near the reception; the other, Casa Franchi, is just 150 meters away but on one of the main streets of Assisi.

Cittadella Ospitalit√† can accommodate singles, couples and families, with different types of rooms. It also welcomes groups and has meeting and conference rooms with 40 to 600 seats.

Information and reservations

To contact Cittadella Ospitalità directly, click on the following link: