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Within the Gallery's collection, a path showcasing the Life of Jesus is presented through various works from different authors, styles, and materials. This path connects with the previous depiction of Jesus as a divine worker.

We can use Giuseppe Fortunato Pirrone's "Life of Jesus" sculpture as a guide on this journey. The sculpture, made in 1956, is a medium-sized bronze with gilding that depicts the main stages in the life of Jesus, similarly to Trajan's Column.

In the first room of the Gallery, visitors can see Virginio Ciminaghi's splendid Annunciation, which Pirrone associates with the first stage of the journey.

The bronze sculpture is articulated in a way that visitors cannot see the face of the Virgin and the Angel at the same time.

Mario Tozzi created a large canvas in 1943 (198 x 298 cm.), which was delivered after the end of the Second World War.

Gisberto Ceracchini presents the Holy Family in a work from 1955.

Meanwhile, the stained glass windows that embellish the Chapel of the Pro Civitate Christiana tell the Beatitudes and parables of the Kingdom of 1959, thanks to the work of the Hungarian master János Hajnal.

William Congdon's works describe the passion, crucifixion, and deposition of Christ through a cycle of tables with an intense and enthralling painting that shakes even the most distracted visitors. The cycle culminates in the original mosaic representing the Eucharist, a work of 1961.